Why I Teach: A Manifesto

I recently changed careers to teach at my kids’ school. During the first week of teacher professional development, we were asked to reflect on why we teach by writing our teaching manifesto.

eStem Residents, day 1
eStem Residents, day 1

My Teaching Manifesto

I teach because I feel called to teach.
I teach because I have knowledge and life experience to share.
I teach because we need great teachers. Our kids deserve that.
I teach because children want / need to learn.
I teach to inspire young people.
I teach to push kids past their perceived limits.
I teach to impart my life lessons to others.
I teach against hate, racism, sexism, homophobia, and other bias.
I teach as though each child’s success depends on me.
I teach as though tomorrow might not come.
I teach as though the future depends on it.
I teach out of love, compassion, enthusiasm, and grace.
I teach for the child who has no parents or no home.
I teach for the superstars and the outcasts.
I teach knowing I have much to learn.
I teach knowing that this is important work — maybe the most important.
I teach knowing not all my students want to learn.
I teach knowing I can make a difference.
eStem High School teachers
eStem High School teachers
Why do you do what you do? Have you ever thought about it? Or did you just fall into your job or career by going with the flow or following the almighty dollar or power? That was me for the longest time, but no more. I’m living my life on purpose. I want to leave a legacy that makes a positive impact. I can’t wait to see how my first year in the classroom goes!
Big shout out to my fellow residents: Chicarra, Maylee, Stacey G. and Melissa. I’m really pumped to take this leap with you four brave ladies!