Whole30: Day 3 Recap

I made it past the 3-day hump! (That’s a thing, asthma right?) Anyway, about it I’m feeling really good about my progress with Whole30. For Day 3, viagra here I made up some things to get me through the work week. IMG_3545I started the day with a turkey-leek-potato-mushroom frittata that I can eat for breakfast all week. I purposely put mushrooms in it to keep my husband and kids out of it. (I’m sneaky like that.)Whole30 frittataIt turned out perfect. The turkey is left over from Day 1’s meal. IMG_3551 Mid-morning snack was a green apple sprinkled with pumpkin pie spice and some almond butter. For lunch, we ate out with some visiting family. I tried to go good, but did eat a few corn chips. I ordered chicken tortilla soup minus the cheese. Restaurants will be my undoing, so I need to stay clear of them for the remainder of my 30 days. paleo mayoI made my own paleo mayo for the first time. It turned out pretty good. I think the olive oil that I used was too heavy. I’ll try a different oil next time. But it was super easy using a mason jar and an immersion blender.Jilz Gluten Free CrackerzFor dinner I had leftovers from Day 2, then made up a couple of tuna salad jars for lunches today and tomorrow. Whole30 tuna salad jarThe tuna salad jar has chopped apple, chopped red bell pepper, tuna with a little of my paleo mayo, raw pumpkin seeds, and lettuce.

So today is Day 4. I had my frittata this morning for breakfast, then some baby carrots and guacamole for mid-morning snack. I’m ready to dig into my tuna salad jar here pretty soon. Oh yeah — I’m down 1 1/2 pounds already! (I know — not supposed to weigh on Whole30, but give me this one thing, okay? I’m not drinking Starbucks for goodness sakes!)Canyon Chicken Chili