Whole30: Day 1 Recap

Yesterday was my first day of Whole30. It probably wasn’t a good idea to start the same day as two birthday parties, gonorrhea but somehow I survived. The hardest part for me was missing my sugary morning latte. I tried drinking my coffee black, but couldn’t stomach it, so I switched to hot tea.

Here is a recap of my day:Whole30 breakfastBreakfast: two fried eggs with avocado and roasted red bell pepper and hot tea. Whole30 sweet potatoes and turkey pattiesEarly lunch: turkey patties and mashed sweet potatoes w/ caramelized onions (made with coconut milk)

Lunch was served at the first birthday party of the day. Luckily there was a tray of sliced fruit that I snacked on. After the party, I went to Whole Foods to buy these Epic chicken bites. I snacked on them in the car. VERY GOOD. I will keep these in my purse for emergencies. EPIC chicken bitesDinner was a bit of an experiment. SUCCESS! I will definitely make this tuna stack again. It was tuna, red bell pepper, avocado and green apple. I also added a small dollop of Dijon after the photo was taken. Delicious and beautiful! tuna stackDessert was green apple slices with fresh almond butter (from Whole Foods — no added salt or sugar) and a sprinkle of pumpkin pie spice. It reminded me of apple pie.


Birthday party #2 was at a pizza place, so even though I wasn’t hungry, I ordered a spinach salad so not to be tempted by the pizza. The spinach salad had walnuts, bacon and dried cranberries. I drizzled it with just a little bit of balsamic vinaigrette.

Before bed, I had a cup of hot dandelion tea. Dandelion tea is supposed to help with digestion. Lord knows with all the fiber I ate today, I can use some digestion help.

I count Day 1 as a success! Just 29 more days to go!!!
Canyon Chicken Chili