I am not a patient person. I hate waiting. I hate waiting in traffic, grip at the doctor’s office, for things to happen MY WAY and in MY TIMING. And I guess that’s pretty normal.

Today was supposed to be ADOPTION DAY! We’ve been waiting for months to finalize Baby Girl’s adoption and introduce her to the world as a Valley. But instead we get to wait another six weeks.

Last week, DCFS decided that they needed to run a Maryland background check on me first since I lived there in the last seven years. Of course, it didn’t come back in time, so that’s the reason for the delay. So we wait…

Surprisingly, I’m taking it quite well. I know that God’s timing is PERFECT. He was not caught off guard by this delay. And He was a beautiful story for our family, and Baby Girl is a big part of it.

So hold on a little longer, World. I’ll introduce Baby Girl (and reveal her new NAME) to you later this summer.

* Swimsuit by Kate Mack.

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