The First Supper Club

Hatchery Tasting BoxAfter reading For The Love by Jen Hatmaker, I wanted to start a supper club. Like Jen, I find cooking relaxing, and it’s rewarding to share a thoughtfully-prepared meal with people who will appreciate it. I emailed my friend Micaiah since I knew she was reading For The Love also. She immediately said yes to the idea, so we brainstormed a few other couples to join us. I purposely suggested three other couples that I want to get to know better, and Micaiah thought that was a good idea. Sometimes we get so caught up in our little circles, and it’s nice to branch out and build new friendships.

I volunteered to start us off and host the first supper club. The host does all the cooking. The guests bring the beer and wine. I pulled out my P. Allen Smith cookbook and picked four recipes — three of which were new to me.

I started with a lovely pear salad. It was easy and probably my favorite thing of the night. It had romaine, sliced pears, toasted pecans, blue cheese, and a apple cider & honey vinaigrette. I will make this again this week. I adore this salad.

For the main course, I made a roasted red pepper and prosciutto frittata and paired it with creamy Parmesan grits. I was spooked that the frittata would never cook through — it baked three or four times longer than the recipe called for. I think that it was because my cast iron skillet was too small, so the frittata was thicker than it needed to be. But thankfully, it turned out perfect and everyone enjoyed it. IMG_1856For dessert, I made two sweet potato pies. This was the one recipe that I had made before. It’s easy and delicious. IMG_1852Dinner conversation and wine flowed easily. We discussed how couples met, racial reconciliation and the church, careers and kids. One of our supper club couples couldn’t make it, but hopefully they will be there next month. Micaiah is hosting in November. She is a wonderful chef, so it should be wonderful. IMG_1857

 Hatchery Tasting Box