Tobacco Companies Are Mean

Screen-Shot-Front-t-shirtToday I saw a screening of Addiction Incorporated, page the true story of the tobacco companies’ commitment to addicting Americans to nicotine and the scientist who told the world about it. POWERFUL FILM. Watch the trailer. From their website:


The true story of Victor DeNoble, search one of the most important and influential whistleblowers of all time, buy more about comes to the big screen in ADDICTION INCORPORATED.

In the 1980s, DeNoble was a research scientist at a major tobacco company, where he was tasked with finding a substitute for nicotine that would not cause heart attacks. He succeeded- but in the process, he proved something that the industry had been denying for years: that cigarettes were addictive. He also uncovered a new addictive ingredient- setting off a chain of events that still reverberates even today.

In a true act of modern-day heroism, DeNoble took his findings to the people despite a strict confidentiality agreement, eventually testifying about his research in the infamous 1994 Congressional hearings with the seven heads of the major tobacco companies. An unprecedented alliance of journalists, politicians, attorneys, and whistleblowers achieved what was once considered impossible- the first ever federal regulation of the tobacco industry, which continues to have repercussions even today.

They all come together to tell their stories in ADDICTION INCORPORATED — a story of one man risking everything to make a difference, shaking up a powerful industry and saving countless lives along the way.

7 Steps You Can Take Now:

  • Engage your existing advocacy network by having them write letters to key legislative representatives asking them to encourage the FDA to reduce nicotine.
  • Contact us to learn how to host a screening for your organization or community.
  • Invite someone new to join your education and advocacy efforts.
  • Hold corporations accountable for their actions.  Demand truth and transparency.
  • Use #addictioninc to share how you have used the documentary with your advocacy, education or policy efforts.
  • Use #addictioninc to expose what the tobacco industry is up to now in your state.
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