Day 1 of our Nicaragua Adventure

strolling through Granada

Friday afternoon we drove to Dallas. As soon as we neared the DFW metro area, the sky fell with rain so hard — and being rush hour — Google Maps redirected us three times due to all the wrecks. We made it to the north remote parking lot at DFW Airport, only finding a parking spot 57 rows from the bus pick-up station. We gathered our backpacks (I only allowed each person to pack one backpack, so we wouldn’t have to deal with checked bags — plus traveling light is so much easier) and speed walked to the station. We were drenched and a bit cold, but happy to be so close to our adventure. Continue reading “Day 1 of our Nicaragua Adventure”

Nicaragua, here I come!


I’ve had it on my mind for quite a while now to take Madison (13) and Maya (8) on a girls’ vacation this summer somewhere exotic and out of the country. My sister-in-law, Ines, is from Nicaragua, and she and my brother have vacationed on the beach there a few times. I started researching the country — not only does Nicaragua have the beautiful beaches, it is home to coffee and chocolate farms. HELLO! Beaches, coffee and chocolate all in one small country. I was sold. Continue reading “Nicaragua, here I come!”