Powerpuff Girls in a Happy Meal Near You

FTC disclosure: This post is sponsored by McDonald’s of Central Arkansas. I am one of their brand ambassadors, more about but all opinions here are my own.

The kick-butt-and-take-names Powerpuff Girls (as well as Skylanders Superchargers) are now in McDonald’s of Central Arkansas Happy Meals through July 3, this and I for one am super excited. Even though I missed the Powerpuff Girls craze of the 1990s, viagra here I’m totally on board now that I’m a mom of FOUR GIRLS. Let’s hear it for GIRL POWER!Powerpuff Girls

I did some research on the Powerpuff Girls from the all-knowing Wikipedia:

The Powerpuff Girls is an American animated television series created by animator Craig McCracken for Cartoon Network. The show centers on Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup, three girls with superpowers, as well as their father, the brainy scientist Professor Utonium, who all live in the fictional city of Townsville, USA. The girls are frequently called upon by the town’s childlike and naive mayor to help fight nearby criminals using their powers.

As depicted in the opening sequence of each episode, the Powerpuff Girls were created by Professor Utonium in an attempt “to create the perfect little girls” using a mixture of “sugar, spice, and everything nice“. However, he accidentally spilled a mysterious substance called “Chemical X” into the mixture, creating, instead of the “perfect little girl”, three girls (each possessing one of the above elements dominating her personality), and granting all three superpowers including flight, super strength, super speed, near invulnerability, x-ray vision, super senses, heat vision, and energy projection.

Blossom is the tactician and self-proclaimed leader of the Powerpuff Girls. Her personality ingredient is “everything nice”, her signature color is pink, and she has long red hair with a red bow. She is often seen as the most level-headed and composed member of the group and also strong and determined. Her unique power is freezing objects with her breath as seen in the episode “Ice Sore”.

Bubbles is the cute and sensitive one. Her personality ingredient is sugar, her signature color is blue, and she has short blonde hair in two pigtails. Bubbles is seen as kind and very sweet but she is also capable of extreme rage and can fight monsters just as well as her sisters can. Her best friend is a stuffed octopus doll she calls “Octi”, and she also loves animals. She exhibits the ability to both understand multiple languages and communicate with various animals (squirrels, cats, monsters), and her unique power is emitting supersonic waves with her voice.

Buttercup is the toughest of the three. Her personality ingredient is spice, her signature color is green, and she has short black hair in a flip. She is a tomboy who loves to get dirty, fights hard and plays rough; she does not plan and is all action. Buttercup is the only Powerpuff Girl without a unique super power (aside from being able to curl her tongue as shown in the episode “Nuthin’ Special”).

Which Powerpuff Girl are you?

I’m probably Blossom since I can be bossy and was once called “Ice Princess” behind my back by some coworkers who I’m sure were jealous of my super powers. Ha!

whoopassgirlsSo here’s an interesting fact that I learned in my research: The Powerpuff Girls were originally known as the Whoopass Girls. When the series was picked up by Cartoon Network, the creator had to change the name, and the “can of whoop ass” became “Chemical X”. Now, I think I love these girls even more!

McDonald’s Happy Meals come with chicken nuggets, hamburger or cheeseburger plus their world famous fries and your choice of cuties, apple slices, or Yoplait Go-GURT Low Fat Strawberry Yogurt. Then pick your favorite drink: fat free chocolate milk, low fat white milk or apple juice.

Comment below on your Powerpuff soul sister and/or your favorite Happy Meal food. And go GIRL POWER!