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Groovy Lab in a Box

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My friends at Groovy Lab in a Box are hosting a sweepstakes where you can win a one-year subscription (valued at more than $250!) All you have to do is type in your email address, and you are entered.

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In case you have not heard of Groovy Lab in a Box, it’s a monthly subscription service that teaches STEMists (your children!) all about science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). Each month, they send out a themed box filled with investigations that are fun and hands on. The investigations culminate into an Engineering Design Challenge, where your STEMists must apply what they’ve learned from the investigations (and use their critical thinking skills) to complete the challenge. The boxes contain everything you need to complete all of the activities, including a groovy retro-themed lab notebook. The box activities are supplemented with their Beyond…in a Box web portal where your children will find videos, interactives and additional activities. Head over to Groovy Lab in a Box’s website to learn more about this great service!

Good luck! I hope you win! (Enter by 11/30/2015.)One-year subscription giveaway Groovy Lab in a Box

Are you saving for your kid’s college?
**As part of a recent Arkansas Women Bloggers event, stomach
I participated in a free educational financial planning workshop, look
but all opinions and recommendations in this post are my own.**

2014-11-15 17.14.45-1My five year old has gone from wanting to be a ninja when she grows up to a “cooker” (aka chef). Who knows what it’ll be by the time she turns 18. But one thing I know is that I better be ready financially. My husband and I are still paying off student loans for master degrees, and we don’t want our children to go into debt getting their college education. But where do you start? I really had no clue. (Saving is not my forte.)

So last Friday, I attended an Educational Financial Planning Workshop hosted by the Arkansas GIFT College Investing Plan (AR529) at P. Allen Smith‘s gorgeous Moss Mountain Garden Home.

2014-11-14 11.39.23-1

2014-11-14 10.57.32-1

The Arkansas GIFT College Investing Plan offers all the familiar features and benefits of a 529 plan, plus a state income tax deduction for Arkansas taxpayers, a wide range of investment options, and the opportunity for additional savings through Ugift and the Upromise rewards service.

2014-11-14 13.00.48-2“For every dollar you save for college, you earn money.
For every dollar you borrow for college, it costs you money.”

Comfort comes in knowing you have set money aside for your kids’ college. And now I’ve started. It was really easy (online application here). I set up monthly autodrafts from my bank account, so I won’t really have to worry about it. I can make changes at any time. And I can share our Ugift code with family and friends, and they can make gift contributions at any time at So in 12 years when we’re deciding what ninja-culinary school she’ll go to, we’ll be prepared.

2014-11-14 04.47.24

Are you prepared? If not, it’s not too late to start. Check it out now.
Arkansas GIFT College Investing Plan