Hummus-Crusted Chicken: #HummusMadeEasy

This post is sponsored by Arkansas Women Bloggers to promote Bush’s Hummus Made Easy. I received free product to sample for this review and am being compensated for my time. However, phthisiatrician all photos and ideas on this blog are my own.Hummus Made Easy

I am on a hummus kick this month, and it’s all thanks to Bush’s Hummus Made Easy. I love this stuff! And it’s a breeze to whip up in a blender, food processor, or with an immersion blender.

Last night I made Hummus-Crusted Chicken using the Black Beans Hummus flavor and the Classic Hummus flavor Hummus Made Easy. I also included some veggies I had on hand: carrots and a zucchini.

First I prepared the hummus according to the package instructions. Next I pounded out four chicken breasts to an even thickness and sliced up my veggies into spears.hummus  & veggies

I placed the carrot and zucchini spears in a 9×13 baking dish and drizzled olive oil over it, then salt & pepper, then tossed to combine. Next I spread hummus on both sides of the chicken breasts — two with the Black Bean Hummus and two with the Classic Hummus — and placed the chicken over the vegetables. hummus-crusted chickenFinally I sprinkled seasoned Panko bread crumbs over the top and added a little extra spice (because we like spicy at the Valley house).

I baked the dish at 400 degrees for about 40 minutes until chicken was done throughout. Hummus-crusted chickenIt was so delicious. The hummus from the bottom of the chicken breasts made a rich sauce for the vegetables, and the hummus and Panko on the top made a crunchy-gooey topping for the tender chicken. It was a hit with all the Valleys.

You can find Bush’s Hummus Made Easy at Walmart on the canned beans aisle. Hummus Made Easy

You should also check out my Zucchini Hummus Wraps that I made last week using Hummus Made Easy. This recipe is so good that I made it THREE TIMES last week.

Cranberry Pie

photo(60)My go-to cookbook is still the 1980 El Dorado Service League cookbook called In Good Taste — especially for pies. The Mystery Pecan Pie is a spectacular layering of cheesecake and pecan pie. Grandma’s Light Chocolate Pie will make you slap somebody it’s so good. And the Cranberry Pie is easy, pill beautiful and delicious. So when my sister-in-law, Ines McBryde, asked me to make a dessert for her women’s ministry thank you dinner, I immediately went to In Good Taste.

I decided to bake the Cranberry Pie since its festive red, and I can easily make two at the same time.


2 c. cranberries (fresh is best) photo 1(56)
1 c. sugar
1/2 c. nuts (I used pecans)
1 stick butter
1/4 c. oil (I used coconut because that’s what I had on hand)
2 eggs
1 c. sugar
1 c. flour

Grease pie plate and spread cranberries over bottom. Sprinkle 1 cup sugar and nuts over 2(55)

Beat butter, oil and eggs. Add sifted flour and sugar. Beat well and pour over cranberries, sugar and nuts. photo 3(45)

Bake 1 hour at 300 to 325. Serve warm with vanilla ice cream on top.

You’re welcome. photo 5(21)

Maya’s Cooking Show: Sweet Potato Pie

My daughter Maya wants to be a chef when she grows up. She says that she wants to cook healthy food for “all the city.” To encourage this aspiration, I’m helping her learn to cook and trying to capture it along the way. In her first episode, she made roasted Brussels sprouts. In this segment of Maya’s Cooking Show, she makes a sweet potato pie.

Stay tuned for more gripping episodes of Maya’s Cooking Show!

Here’s her first episode in case you missed it.

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Labor Day Weekend in Photos

One of the things that makes being a part of a CSA (community supported agriculture) so much fun (and educational) is getting introduced to new vegetables. Here is this week’s basket: csa eggplant, viagra sale watermelon, buy butternut squash, adiposity various tomatoes, and two flyer-saucer-looking squash. Thank goodness for Google Images, I was able to determine that these are pattypan squash, a form of summer squash (so you can eat the skin). I found this recipe for roasted pattypan squash soup.

2013-08-31 14.23.06-2Here are the ingredients — including curry powder, cilantro and other Indian spices. The kitchen smelled so good while it was simmering. I was proud of my new-found pattypan squash skills and the final product. All but one of my kids liked it. Not sure if it was the spices or the fact that it’s a vegetable that turned her off.  Step-parenting is interesting like that. My kiddo pops cherry tomatoes like they’re candy. But Anthony’s two have completely different tastes. They are good sports though and humor me by trying new things. But I guess curry and flyer-saucer-looking squash is pushing it too a bit far.

2013-08-31 15.31.58

2013-08-31 20.57.50-1 Anthony and I attended the third night of screenings for the Little Rock 48 Hour Film Project. We found out last night that our film, ed Last Chance Romance, recipe
made it to the “Best Of” night — meaning it was one of the top 10 audience favorites. So proud!


2013-09-01 15.21.53I did A LOT of baking this weekend which means a lot of spoons and bowls and pans that needed licking. I had several helpers with that.





Then my cute little nephew turned four years old, remedy and he had a fun birthday party with bounce pit, pinata, and a light saber cake!

2013-09-02 13.35.19-2

2013-09-02 14.42.41-2

2013-09-02 15.31.00-1

2013-09-02 16.59.08-2

Cuatro Leches Cupcakes (recipe)

photo 1Last week, click my stepdaughter K turned 14. She was in New Orleans with the youth from our church on a mission trip, capsule so we didn’t get to celebrate until yesterday. Her sisters and I decided to make her cupcakes instead of a regular birthday cake. (I found cupcakes help my crew — myself included — with portion control.) K is a plain vanilla cake kind of gal, healthful so chocolate was out. I decided up to kick it up a notch and make these Food Network Cuatro Leches Cupcakes. They were so yummy — and not too sweet.

photo 5

I use a squeeze bottle (like the mustard one above) for adding fillings to cupcakes. It also worked for soaking these cupcakes with four milk (condensed, evaporated, whipping cream, and coconut milks) mixture.

2013-07-28 13.27.15

The finished product!