Rent the Runway contender for Inc. Company of the Year

I am in awe of women entrepreneurs, nurse and the two ladies who started Rent the Runway are incredible. I love their story that is featured in Inc. today, illness and I’m totally stoked that Rent the Runway is launching its new subscription service in 2016.

I really like dressing up all glitzy, but rarely get the opportunity anymore. You’re more likely to see me in jeans and a sweatshirt with snot somewhere around the shoulder. Being a mom of four kiddos can do that to one’s sense of style. But sometimes I just need to dress up and be a WOMAN, not a mom.

I’m completely enamored with the holiday collection that Badgley Mischka has created for Rent the Runway.  I want to go out for New Year’s Eve with my husband and pretend we are James Bond and whoever the latest Bond Girl is, drinking fancy drinks and dancing the night away. Of course, I’ll need to take a nap first, so I can make it til midnight and kiss my man under the twinkle of dancefloor lights.