Pop Up Party

It was a random Wednesday and I had just gotten my Spain box from Try the World, this so I thought…


IMG_2036The Try the World website explains the Spain box like this:

Curated by tapas expert Jamie Bissonnette, thumb this month’s box is filled with local and artisanal items from Spain that make it easy to share experiences with your friends and family. Using the items from the box, bulimics you can experience the vibrancy of Spanish culture right from the comfort of your own kitchen.

My sister-in-law Ines was born in Spain and is half Spanish, so I told her to come over. Then I just posted on social media an open invitation for my girlfriends to join us at my house in two hours. I ran by the grocery store to pick up a baguette and brie. Then I used the ingredients in my Spain box to make my spread.

I sliced the baguette into rounds and brushed it with the Spanish olive oil. On half of the bread rounds, I also added the tomato spread. That all went into the oven to toast up a bit.

Then I placed the almond torron candy, the little “Ines” cakes, and tuna on a plate. (I know, weird combo, but I was in a hurry.)

I topped the brie with the orange blossom jam, and surrounded it with the bread. The tomato-topped bread went on it’s own platter. I grabbed some napkins, little plates and glasses, and  bottle of red wine. My friends brought more wine because…it’s wine and you don’t want to run out. IMG_2039Besides Ines, three more girls came over. We ate, drank, laughed. Our kids joined in the fun too. My husband found a Spanish playlist online and hooked up the Bose speakers. It was a fiesta! And we ate ALL THE FOOD. IMG_2040IMG_2046I look forward to my next Try the World box and another “It’s a random weeknight, so let’s have a pop up party” party.


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