Pinterest Generation

Ladies, adiposity just STOP IT. Unless you already have loads of free time and money, please stop with all the trying to out-shine your friends and enemies (and frienemies) with all the over-the-top weddings, kids’ birthday parties, and oh-so-perfect front porch decor. I totally blame Pinterest for this obsession. Yes, I love to dream and pin photos of projects that I will NEVER accomplish, but there is a balance with reality.

My reality cannot live up to the hype.

I wanted a magical HGTV-episode-worthy wedding. But I also wanted to pay my mortgage. Guess what won out — HOUSE. So I had a potluck dessert bar and wore a $20 TJ MAXX dress. But you know what, Anthony and I are just as married now as we would be if we had spent thousands of dollars on a wedding. IMG_9424I wanted Maya’s superhero birthday party to have really awesome homemade capes for each kid. Instead the kids had really crappy homemade capes, and they LIKED IT.

I wanted to decorate my front porch with colorful plants and flowers, but I managed to KILL most of them. I have a few strong-willed plants holding on. Let’s hear it for IVY for the win! IMG_1456For all you mommas who manage to keep a clean house AND create Pinterest masterpieces, I applaud you. I’m not sure how you do it. So for now, I’ll make peace with my toy-filled living room and half-dead/half-alive hanging plant, and try to stay off Pinterest for the rest of the day. IMG_1458