Onward to San Juan del Sur!

Tuesday morning of our Nica adventure, we couldn’t wait to get to San Juan del Sur (SJDS). We ate breakfast at Hotel Plaza Colon and waited for our driver to pick us up at 8:30 a.m.

Hotel Plaza Colon lobby
The beautiful lobby of Hotel Plaza Colon in Granada, Nicaragua

We arrived at our B&B, Casa Andalucia, in SJDS way earlier than check-in time, but luckily they had our room ready, so we changed into swimsuits and walked down the hill toward the beach. The beach was not crowded at all — could definitely tell that this was the off season — so every restaurant along the beach had staff inviting us to come in. We settled at a beach-front restaurant that had beach chairs and shaded tables. I plopped down at the table and ordered cool fruit drinks for us all while the girls finally put their feet in the ocean. beach at San Juan del Sur

beach at San Juan del Sur

beach at San Juan del Sur

beach at San Juan del SurVendors selling souvenirs and trinkets were abundant and bothersome since the tourists were few.

While I sipped my drink, my eye caught a young lady, local and around 20 years old, walking along the beach by herself. She was dressed in shorts and a tank top and carried her sandals in her hand. She came close to Madison and Maya, then would walk away. A little later, she approached them again, looking around suspiciously. My “momma bear” radar went off — I watched her closely. She got right up next to the girls, still looking around as if to find their parents. Her eyes caught mine, and she knew she was caught. Before she could even say a word to the girls, she turned and was gone in a blink. I hate to think the worst, but I’m pretty sure she was a “recruiter.” Praise God that was our only scary moment the entire trip.

After that event, I called the girls to the table to finish their drinks and told them that I wanted to walk around town. (Later I shared with girls about what happened. It was a good learning experience that even a sweet-looking young lady could be bad news.) We found a donut shop, Dia De Los Donuts, that I had read about. We bought several donuts (included a Nutella-stuffed one!) and hiked back up to Casa Andalucia. Man, the combo of the heat and that steep hill was a killer. (We never again hiked up that hill. We took a taxi up. True story.)

Once back at the B&B, we swam in the lovely infinity pool and ate the donuts.

Dia De Los Donuts

Dia De Los Donuts

view from Casa Andalucia
The breathtaking view from Casa Andalucia

After our swim, we changed into yoga clothes and walked back into town (downhill) to Zen Yoga, an open-air, 2nd-floor studio. It was different doing yoga outside with flying creatures landing on me while trying to focus on my breath. At one point, I noticed three pigeons staring at us.

Zen Yoga
Zen Yoga studio before class started

After yoga, we enjoyed smoothies in the downstairs Budda Bar, then went across the street for cheap pizza. We got it “take away”, flagged down a taxi, and went back to the B&B to enjoy the pizza. It was delicious.

Our room at Casa Andalucia was in the main house, so our sliding doors overlooked the pool area (not very private). But after trying to sleep with just a ceiling fan and a floor fan, we finally gave up all sense of privacy to open the curtains and sliding doors in favor of the breeze. The three of us slept in the queen-sized bed on top of the covers trying not to touch each other.
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