I’m now a cat person.

Growing up, we always had dogs. My parents got me a Siberian Husky named Niki before I was even born because “all little boys need a dog.” (I was supposed to be Christopher Todd.) Then I had a toy poodle named Chocolate. There was a playful Cockapoo named Chuckie (named after a cute boy at school, not the psycho killer movie character) that was born on Christmas and died on Easter. (True story.) Then of course, I had my beloved Sophia from 1999 – 2016. #RIP

Italian GreyhoundSince Sophia died last year, I tried another dog, but he didn’t like the children, so I found him another home. I resigned myself to be pet-less for the time being.

Then just before Christmas, something sparked me to want to get Madison a cat. Anthony, Kennedy and Madison had cats before, but I never did. One, because I was a dog person; and two, because I was highly allergic. But I had been getting allergy shots for quite a while and had already overcome so many environmental allergies, I thought maybe my cat allergy would be gone too. Plus Anthony reassured me that cats are super easy to potty train. I was skeptical, but then saw a precious kitten on Facebook and knew she was the one. Two weeks before Christmas, Angel became part of the family. And Anthony was right — she used the litter box right away.

Angel kitty

Right away, Maya started asking for her own cat — since Angel is technically Madison’s cat. I put her off as long as I could, not sure she would be as responsible as Madison is. Anthony said that we probably should get another one (if we were going to add another one) while Angel was still young so they would get along. So two weeks ago, we brought home Thunder, this adorable little boy.

Thunder kitty

Angel was not happy — she hissed and stalked him that entire first day. Luckily he was quick and tiny, and could hide in safety from Angel. But by day two, they were playing and fighting like brothers and sisters do. They really seem to enjoy each other now. Here they are this morning…


I really like this new kitty, Thunder. He is such a little snuggle-bug. And I think his beard looks like Anthony’s.

So it’s official — I’m a cat person now.