Highlights from Granada, Nicaragua — Day 2

Day 2 in Granada started with a delicious breakfast buffet at Hotel Plaza Colon. Maya ate breakfast non-stop for an hour. Literally. She ate mangos, watermelon, eggs, gallo pinto (rice and beans), bacon and more. She made friends with one of the cooks, Alejandra. After breakfast, we walked several blocks to the Choco Museo. It was already so hot, by the time we arrived at the museum, we needed to sit down and rest. Luckily, I hadn’t bought our tickets yet for the chocolate making class because Maya started feeling sick at her stomach. Not surprised. After we determined that Maya was not up for the 2 hour class, we slugged back to the hotel to regroup. breakfast buffet at Hotel Plaza Colon

After Maya’s stomach settled, we had to rethink our plans since we’ve missed the chocolate class. I had read about a spa in town, so we set off to it. After a bit of walking, we were no longer in a commercial area, and I started to wonder if we were lost. In my horrible Spanish, I asked a group of guys hanging out in front of a house if they knew were Pure Spa was located. They pointed just another block down. Yeah — we weren’t lost!

Pure is a spa / gym / restaurant. We saw two people working out on the weight equipment and one person reading the paper in what I think was the “restaurant”. It was kinda dark in there, and I pondered leaving. But the girls wanted to stay — especially once they saw the giant turtle, Snoopi. I signed us up for massages with mani/pedi’s and facials for the girls, and reflexology and acupuncture for me. The front desk person made some calls (I guess the staff are on call as needed) and then she offered to let Madison and Maya feed Snoopi while we waited. They fed the turtle cucumbers while I rocked in a rocking chair fanning myself with a brochure.feeding the turtle at Pure Spa in Granada

About half an hour later, three ladies appeared and led us to our massage rooms. Madison and Maya were in a room together and I had my own room. The room wasn’t quite what I expected from the top spa in town, and I started thinking to myself that I had made a huge mistake.massage room at Pure Spa in Granada

But then my adventuresome spirit kicked in and I remembered that even a bad massage is still a good massage (just like pizza). My therapist was Ruth Vega, and she was AMAZING. She started me with thirty minutes of reflexology on my feet and calves. It was divine. Then she gave me an hour long massage followed by acupuncture to promote overall well-being. I think I counted about 12-20 pins on each side of my body. Later I read Ruth’s bio hanging on the wall. She studied at the University of Morelos Mexico in Managua for five years, obtaining her certification as a Holistic Naturopathic Physician with a specialization in acupuncture. She has over 10 years experience and has been with Pure for over 6 years. So no wonder she was so good — I was with an expert! The girls really enjoyed their first spa experience also. 

After our morning of pampering, we were hungry again — well, at least Madison and I were. We walked to The Garden Cafe, a lovely restaurant with a beautiful courtyard. (Side note — I think every place we went in Granada had a courtyard. The open areas welcome a breeze to help cool you from the scorching heat.) Madison ordered an Italian sandwich. I ordered a traditional Nica meal. Maya ordered a mango lasse and goat cheese & basil spread on bread. Maya hardly ate or drank anything, but instead played on the hammock near our table.

That afternoon we enjoyed swimming and playing Marco Polo in the hotel pool.

We had a 6 p.m. reservation for dinner at Bocadillos, a tapas restaurant in Granada. We sat at a table outside with a view of an old church. Nicaragua produces some of the best rum in the world, the most famous brand of which is called Flor de Caña, so I ordered a rum drink. The girls had fresh juice of some sort. We ordered the chicken tamale, the pulled pork sliders, and the bolitas de papas (little fried cheese balls) to share between the three of us. It was all good, but the chicken tamale was our favorite. The owners are actually from the US (California, I believe), and we enjoyed visiting with the husband. They own another restaurant in Granada, so the wife was at that location this particular night. I had read that this place was known for it’s individual-sized cheesecakes, so we asked the owner about the night’s selection. He suggested the Snickers cheesecake, and it did not disappoint. I think the three of us fought over every bite. It was delicious. dinner at Bocodillos

cheesecake at Bocadillos in Granada

By the time we finished dinner, it was dark. We walked back to our hotel and collapsed into our beds. Another awesome day in Granada in the books.