Good Kid Bars {a review}

I received free samples of Good Kid bars for review purposes, look but all opinions here are my own.

IMG_1038I’m doing my best to feed my kids wholesome, side effects homemade food. But sometimes (often times), ed I need a quick, grab-and-run snack for a lunchbox or the diaper bag. So I was pumped to try these gluten-free, low-sugar bars called Good Kid. They come in three flavors: Apple Cinnamon, Lemon Blueberry and Oatmeal Raisin. Plus the packaging is fun and colorful which is always a bonus.

IMG_1036My six-year-old did not like them at all. The baby liked them okay. The dog LOVED them. So I’ll finish off the samples with the baby (and hope she doesn’t feed them all to the dog), but I probably won’t purchase these bars. The taste really was too bland for us.

IMG_1034Thank you, Good Kids, for letting me try them though.