Fall Break, Part 2: Walking in Seaside

This afternoon the rain stopped and the sun peaked through the clouds. That was all the invitation I needed to take a walk. We loaded up the girls in the wagon and headed toward Seaside. It was a mile and half walk. (Flip flops were not the best idea.) IMG_1299Seaside is a lovely little town. The Airstream food trucks are adorable and very tempting. (I want to go back and try the Meltdown on 30A grilled cheese food truck before the week’s end.) IMG_1289

IMG_1291We ended up at a gelato shop. Anthony got maple bacon (yes BACON) gelato. Maya got blood orange sorbet (great choice!). And I chose the chocolate Health gelato. OMG — I could eat gelato every day if I could.  IMG_1307After the gelato/sorbet treat, population health Maya and Anthony played chase in the Amphitheater lawn while Quinn and I sat on a park bench enjoying the view. Then we walked back to the condo. It was a LONG walk back. (My feet were not happy with me.) We freshened up a bit, order then drove to dinner in Watercolor.
0 sugar 0 calories 0 fakeMy friend Whitney recommended Wine World, link and it did not disappoint. IMG_1554


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