De Queen, Arkansas

I travel some with my job, online and De Queen, Arkansas, is where I come to most. I work with physician office staff and community members on ways to improve the cardiac health of their citizens. DeQueen of HeartsI introduced Mayor McKelvy to my friend Mark Schulte at The Sells Agency in Little Rock who did this awesome logo for the town’s healthy living initiatives. The town is improving the farmer’s market and soon will conduct a walkability audit of De Queen. The results of the walkability audit will be used to apply for a grant to improve sidewalks. Yesterday, I took blood pressures at the library and talked to people about things they could do to lower their blood pressure like reducing sodium and reading food labels. De Queen has a large Hispanic population, so I befriended Father Eddie at St. Barbara Catholic Church. He has about 1,000 Hispanics at his Sunday mass services! On September 15, the church is having their Parish Bazaar, and I’ll be here to share heart health information with this hard-to-reach audience. Anyway, I have really grown to love the people of this town.

However, De Queen itself leaves little to do after my work day is complete. I like to stay overnight and get two days of work in since it’s a five-hour round-trip drive. Hotel and dining choices are very limited (and that’s being very generous). But one little oasis in this town in Stilwell’s Restaurant. 2013-08-15 08.23.22I’ve tried eating other places in town, but I always end up wishing that I’d just stuck with Stilwell’s. This cozy little place is open pretty much all day. I’m here right now sitting in the couch area drinking my morning cafe latte. They have yummy sandwiches and soups for lunch, and I’ve even come once for dinner. (I think the menu is the same for dinner as it is for lunch.) The desserts here are awesome too. They have old-school jazz tunes playing over the speakers, and a wall of clocks set to times around the world hanging on the exposed brick. And the ladies who work here are so sweet.

So if you find yourself in De Queen, please stop by Stilwell’s for a bowl of taco soup or maybe a slice of peanut butter pie. You won’t be disappointed.