The Beautiful Colors of Granada, Nicaragua

Maya, Madison and I have been back from Nicaragua for 6 days now, and I’m finally getting around to writing about our adventure. Stay tuned for the next few days (and probably weeks) for tales of wild Nicaragua. We have many fun stories to share.

One of the things that stands out most about our time in Granada, Nicaragua, is all the color. Our tour guide, RenĂ©, from VaPues Tours told us that each new year, if a family can afford it, they paint their home a new color — sort of a “gone with the old and on with the new” tradition. He also said that it’s become sort of a competition to see who can paint their home the most outrageous color in order to stand out on their street. Whatever the reason, we fell in love with all the brilliant blues and hot pinks. Maya, being an artist, especially was fascinated with all the colorful homes.

Me, Maya and Madison in front of one of the vibrant pink homes — I mean, doesn’t this color make you happy?

Granada Nicaragua

On our second day in Granada, we took a horse-drawn carriage city tour with VaPues Tours. That’s where we snapped most of these photos. I might be a bit obsessed with doors in Granada.

Granada Nicaragua cobalt door

Granada Nicaragua turquoise door

Granada Nicaragua gold door

Granada Nicaragua

Whenever I think back to our time in Granada, my mind will definitely go back to the street rainbows that brought a smile to my face.