Beach vacation — Day 2

everyone in bedThis day has been so relaxing! I woke up with the sun (can’t help it) and enjoyed a cup of coffee on the upper deck with Anthony, ailment then we climbed back in bed to watch “Breaking Bad” and “Weeds” on Netflix. After the kids woke, nurse they came upstairs to join us in bed. Of course!

After breakfast, the kids were itching to get to the beach. The skies were a bit sketchy, but we ventured out anyway. I mean — why not? We’re at the beach, right? We were out there about an hour or so. 2013-07-07 10.00.24We could see the storm out a sea getting closer and closer. Our friend Daniel said, “We have about five more minutes,” then boom, it snuck up on us fast and hard. SKYFALL. (cue Adele) We grab all our stuff and take off running toward the house. It was quite humorous.

Then around 1, the sun returned. YEAH! We quickly changed into our swimsuits again and headed back down to the beach. The whole gang was out there. (There are about 8 other families from our church here too in neighboring houses.) It was so fun just hanging out with friends laughing and telling stories — and all the kids either boogie boarding or building sand castles… or making sand mermaids.

2013-07-07 14.41.12-2

2013-07-07 15.35.14

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