Baby’s Got Back

Somebody should design a diaper for “full figured” babies. My baby girl has got a BIG BOOTY (guess she gets that from me), more about and often times her diaper just doesn’t cover it all.

It’s more like a DIAPER THONG.
IMG_1078So where are my Shark Tank millionaires? What name do you like best:

  • Apple Bottom Diapers
  • J-Lo Diapers
  • Baby’s Got Back Diapers
  • Big & Beautiful Diapers
Let’s do this.

2 Replies to “Baby’s Got Back”

    1. You would think that we’re feeding her steroids as fast as she’s growing! She’s already wearing 2T clothes. Her sister was so tiny, so I’m not used to a big baby. I bet she slims down once she starts walking which should be soon.

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