Wildtree to the Meal Prep Rescue!

I’m excited to announce that I’ve decided to turn my meal prep obsession into a business! Many of you can relate to spending too much money by eating out too often (and not as healthy as you’d like) or spending too much time cooking instead of with the people that matter most. Wildtree is both the perfect meal solution for our family and a great business fit for me. I’m excited to share details with you, but I also promise not to flood your newsfeed! I’ve created a group where I can help you meal plan fast, fresh, and affordably. Join me over at https://www.facebook.com/valleyandassociates/ for recipes, workshop dates and specials.

There are 3 Ways to enhance your kitchen with Wildtree – Make Fast, Make Fresh, and Make Ahead!

MAKE FAST: You’re busy – get dinner on the table pronto! Wildtree offers fast and healthy solutions like our skillet meals.

MAKE FRESH: Our bundle of Wildtree products come with step-by-step directions and recipes so you can make dinner from scratch with a simple plan and a creative way to try new things.

MAKE AHEAD: We offer freezer meal workshop kits – prepared at a Wildtree party or DIY. It’s everything you need to prep 10 meals for the freezer that serve 4-6 people – or make fresh, too!  (My first workshop is scheduled for September 17.)

The best part? PEACE OF MIND that an affordable, healthy dinner is already done.

Check out my Wildtree website to learn more!