Word for 2017

Happy 2017! I adore New Year’s Day and the possibilities that lie ahead, putting behind me the mistakes and disappointments of last year, and focusing on the present. Several of my friends pick a focus word for the year, so I decided that I would do that also. It goes along with my vision board (coming in a future post).

My 2017 word is PURPOSE.

What is your word for 2017? Comment below.

Let’s make this year the best ever!


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Better Beginnings: Goal Setting with Your Kids

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The new year lends itself to goal setting. While talking about New Year’s resolutions, mind a friend suggested that I create a vision board for my 2015 goals. And of course, my five-year-old Maya had to get in on the action too. She picked out a red poster board at the store, and I bought several white poster boards for myself.photo 5(24)First I discussed with Maya the purpose of a vision board — that it’s to represent your goals, what you want to be and what you want to happen in 2015 and serve as a visual reminder throughout the year. We combed through old magazines for words and photos that captured our vision. My words were more entrepreneurial: success, freedom, bold. Maya’s words were more random — probably because she can’t read yet, so I helped her find a few appropriate ones: model behavior, beach, and cookbook. photo 4(37)I also chose a color scheme for my board — purples, blues and greens that I find peaceful and inspiring. My photos included lush lawns with a pool, flowers, beach escapes, and European cities. Maya chose a couple of cars, several dogs, a pony, a watch, and of course Elsa. photo 2(59)After our photos and words were glued/taped on our boards, I used a black Sharpie to add any missing words. My board still needed the words Missions and Family. I was thrilled when Maya asked to add God, Jesus, Happy, and Family to her board. photo 1(60)It was a fun project, and although I’m not sure Maya quite understands the purpose of the vision board, we had a blast using scissors, glue, tape and markers. And most important, we enjoyed spending time together talking about our dreams for 2015.


New Year. New beginnings.


New Year’s Day is my favorite holiday. I think it’s because I love fresh starts. It’s like a new notebook the first day of school full of blank pages, page endless possibilities, and ideas yet to be thought. halfwaythere2014 was a pretty good year for my family. Anthony and I celebrated our first anniversary in April and started foster parenting classes with The CALL. On Mother’s Day, I was honored to be featured in Listen To Your Mother at The Rep. In June, Anthony and I visited England, Belgium, France and Kenya for 16 days. In September, I was in the delivery room when our baby girl that we’re currently fostering was born — I even cut the cord! All our children are healthy and happy and drive us crazy (as they should). We are definitely blessed.

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But yet, there’s something magical and mysterious about a new year. It’s not like a do-over — I don’t want to erase the events of 2014. It’s more of the anticipation — how is God gonna top this one kind of thing. I know He has great plans for us in 2015.

Of course I have the usual new year’s resolutions: cut back on my sugar intake, get back into daily walks, and build my Le-Vel Thrive business. But mostly I’m looking forward to possibly adding another child to our family legally and permanently, and spending more quality time with my kids and husband.

What are you looking forward to in 2015?

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