Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift Idea (and Giveaway!)

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Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Rejuvenation Clinic Day Spa. They hosted me and four other influencers on April 20th to lunch, tour of their place and a free service – but all opinions here are my own.

Mother’s Day is a week from Sunday, and I still haven’t gotten anything for my mom. I’ve thought about it. I’ve had good intentions. But, honestly, I’ve been so consumed with work/kids/house/life to just do it. My May has already been packed: got a new dishwasher after my old one flooded the kitchen floor, took kids to two doctor’s appointments, helped with Teacher Appreciation Week at their school, hosting a Wildtree workshop at my house tomorrow night, and getting Maya ready for the Mini Maker Faire to promote her art (ALL DAY next Saturday … OUTSIDE). So needless to say, Mother’s Day hasn’t even been on my radar. Continue reading “Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift Idea (and Giveaway!)”