5 Tips for a Better Breakfast (and surprising breakfast trends)

Barbara’s, maker of cereals and snacks made from wholesome ingredients,  released findings from its 2017 Breakfast Survey exposing surprising trends about the school morning breakfast habits of families across the nation. The survey, which was conducted with more than 1,000 parents nationwide, found that one in every five children go without breakfast at least once per week, with 38 percent of parents saying this is due to lack of time and hectic mornings. The number of kids who skip breakfast at least once per week surges to 50 percent for those who typically eat on-the-go or in the car, demonstrating a direct correlation between eating breakfast on-the-go and poor nutrition in the morning. Continue reading “5 Tips for a Better Breakfast (and surprising breakfast trends)”

Unplanned Breakfast Guests

breakfast party

I had unplanned breakfast guests this morning. But let me back up and tell you the back story first….

Earlier this week, I got a call from Stephen, the youth pastor at my church, asking if I could provide breakfast for the three summer interns’ weekend retreat. I said sure — thinking that I’d drop off a carton of OJ and a giant box of donuts. So fast forward to this morning. I woke up around 6:30 and notice that Anthony is also just waking. I sleepily asked him if he thought donuts and juice are sufficient for the three interns and Stephen, and that I was going to drop it off at the church on my way to run errands this morning. Anthony said, “Stacey, they are coming here!” Wait…what?

So now it was around 6:40 a.m., I was still in bed, and just realized that I have four people coming to my house expecting a home-cooked breakfast in just over an hour. (I may have said a few choice words as I rushed to shower and get dressed.) I plotted out my menu in the shower.

Luckily I had everything that I needed except OJ and coffee creamer. I had two baked sweet potatoes in the frig — that became sweet potato muffins. I always have eggs, cheese and some sort of meat on hand — that became a ham and Swiss cheese quiche with a pepperoni crust. I had a bowl of fruit that was nearing it’s end of life — that became fruit salad. And finally I sliced up some Italian sausage and cooked it up in a hot skillet. Anthony ran to the grocery store for the orange juice and creamer.


Success! Most all the food was eaten, and everyone seemed to enjoy it. My kids even helped load the dishwasher afterwards — bonus!


breakfast party

breakfast party

I feel like Superwoman right now. Guess I’ll tackle errands and laundry next.

Breakfast for Dinner

FTC disclosure: This post is sponsored by McDonald’s of Central Arkansas. I am one of their brand ambassadors, approved but all opinions are my own.

The other night, price Anthony was asked to play piano at an event so the kids and I were on our own for dinner. I had worked all day and still needed to go to the grocery store, pancreatitis so I decided to treat the girls to dinner out. When I mentioned the idea of “breakfast for dinner”, in unison the three oldest proclaimed in sounds of delight and agreement, so we loaded up the car and drove a few blocks away to our neighborhood McDonald’s. To be honest here, I had been fantasizing about the new McDonald’s All Day Breakfast menu for a few days. Their All Day Breakfast TV commercial is pure food porn. OMG — give me all the pancakes and butter and syrup now!

Ordering with my crew can be kind of a hot mess, so I sent Kennedy (the oldest) to find a table and get a high chair for Quinn (the youngest) while Madison, Maya and I placed the order and filled our drink cups with ice and water. (We are a water-drinking family.) All Day Breakfast

I ordered just about one of everything, plus an extra order of pancakes because sharing those can be hard. Here is what we ordered:

  • Two orders of hotcakes (McDonald’s terminology for pancakes)
  • One bacon, egg & cheese biscuit
  • One fruit ‘n yogurt parfait
  • One sausage burrito
  • One fruit & maple oatmeal
  • One hash browns
  • One chocolate milk (because Maya rebels against the water drinking thing)

I figured that would get us started at least.All Day Breakfast

One interesting factoid: McDonald’s has a different All Day Breakfast menu depending on where you live in the U.S. The “deep South” has the biscuit menu and everywhere else has the McMuffin menu.All Day Breakfast map

ALSO… starting March 28th McGriddles will be added to the All Day Breakfast menu at McDonald’s!!!

It wasn’t soon after we sat down that my four usually-loud-talking girls were quiet and stuffing their faces with the McDonald’s breakfast goodness that laid before them. I personally had the sausage burrito (my favorite of their breakfast items) and stole a few bites of Maya’s pancakes until her protests started attracting stares from nearby diners.All Day Breakfast Everyone was happy with their “breakfast for dinner” selection. Kennedy and Maya each had the pancakes. Madison had the bacon, egg & cheese biscuit.All Day Breakfast Baby Quinn had the hash browns and some of her sister’s pancakes too. All Day BreakfastWe ended up taking the yogurt parfait and oatmeal home and someone ate them the next morning.All Day Breakfast

Our neighborhood McDonald’s has recently closed for renovations. I can’t wait to see what they do with the place! Hopefully they will put in a big, fun playground for the kiddos. It opens back up in June.

What is your favorite breakfast item at McDonald’s?All Day Breakfast