To the girl in the hijab

I’m not a minority. I don’t wear a hijab. I’m a white woman living in the U.S.A. I don’t worry about being followed by security in Wal-Mart. I don’t feel like people are judging me for my ENTIRE RACE.

This isn’t so for most minorities in our country. My husband (who is black) gets followed, questioned, and judged on a daily basis. Just because of the COLOR of his skin.

This morning I was in the grocery store, and a Muslim woman wearing a hijab was walking down the aisle in front of me. I wanted to go up to her and hug her, to tell her that not everyone judges her or blames her for what happened yesterday in San Bernardino. I bet she feels judged every day for the sins of extremists. It’s not fair. She could be one of the nicest, kindest people on earth. But who of us will ever know if we don’t look past her race and her clothing to see the real person.

When a white man shot people at a Planned Parenthood clinic last week, nobody lumped all white people together with his crazy. That’s called WHITE PRIVILEGE.

I’m worried about how racism is raising it’s ugly head once again in our country — how it’s okay for a man running for PRESIDENT to spew racist comments left and right, and his poll numbers go up. It’s disgusting. What kind of America are we becoming? How will my four black daughters be treated?

I ask you all to join me in prayer for our nation. This is a spiritual battle, and we must fall on our knees and beg God to forgive us and to heal our land.

Holiday Entertaining

#GIFTGUIDE: Personalized Children’s Books

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Throughout the coming weeks, I’m going to share gift ideas for the holidays. Today I want to tell you about I SEE ME! personalized books and gifts. This company creates custom books that incorporate your child’s name, skin tone, hair color, photo, hometown, birth date and favorite color throughout the story.

my-very-own-name-storybook-26.jpgMY VERY OWN NAME: In this classic personalized children’s book, animals bring letters one by one to spell out your child’s first and last name in rhyme! At the end, they celebrate because they have created the perfect name for the child. Click here to order “My Very Own Name”, a personalized children’s book from!  $34.99


These high quality personalized books have been featured nationally in People, In Touch and Parents magazines as a unique gift for children ages 0-12.

Other popular titles include:
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My Very Happy Birthday Book – for boys
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God Loves You! Personalized Book
Who Loves Me? Personalized Book

The I SEE ME! books and gifts also make wonderful baby shower gifts. They will become treasured keepsakes for years to come.

It's Fancy to Be Me!

Beautiful Mess

2013-08-24 16.10.51 Today my family and I have been running in different directions. This morning I was at the gym. They went to the farmer’s market. Then I collapsed in my bed from said gym experience. They were kind and let me have an hour nap while they played downstairs. Then this afternoon, pancreatitis I had a baby shower to go to, allergy and they are running errands. I have said it before — my husband is really AWESOME. I just got home from the baby shower, prosthesis and they are still out. The house is quiet — just me and the dog. 1-2013-08-16 08.12.52And I see cups on the counter, toys on the coffee table, guitars on the floor — all little reminders of my wonderful family and how blessed we are. The old me would have just seen a mess, but this new me, the me that’s really trying to live in the moment and be grateful for the little things, sees a beautiful mess. It’s a mess of reminders of how God has blessed me with a loving man who adores me and three smart and funny daughters who continue to amaze me every day and a snuggley old dog who has been by my side through good times and bad over 14 years. I am one lucky girl.