Sleep when baby sleeps… and other fairy tales

The FTC requires me to tell you that I am compensated as a Brand Ambassador for Arkansas Better Beginnings. As a Brand Ambassador I do receive payment for being part of their program, what is ed but most of all, I receive the information I need as a “new again mother” to give our little angel the best chance to get her on her way to being all she was created to be.

We are fostering a newborn in our house now. It’s exciting and rewarding and totallphoto 1(48)y exhausting. Complete strangers now feel the need to share their words of baby wisdom with me in the middle of Kroger. This weekend, a lady told me that pure vanilla extract can be used in place of Orajel. She stated that she has a slew of grandchildren, so according to her, she is an expert.

“Sleep when the baby sleeps.”

That’s a popular piece of advice, and it sounds very logical. But I’ve got stuff to do! I’ve got laundry and dishes and a high-maintenance five-year-old to contend with. I’d love to napping right now (Baby is asleep in my arms as I type this), but Momma’s gotta make a living! Luckily, I have some really good health supplements and a supportive husband, so I’m surviving.

Baby experts are EVERYWHERE. I appreciate their interest, really, but I prefer to get my advice from a trusted, evidence-based source like Arkansas Better Beginnings website.

betterbeginningsTheir website has valuable information for parents such as “Your Child at Birth”, “Your Child at 2 Months”, “Your Child at 2 Years”, etc. that highlight what’s happening at each stage of your child’s development. Each downloadable sheet outlines what to expect at the well-child visit for that age, as well as information about age-appropriate nutrition, sleep, behavior and safety. And information is provided in English and Spanish.

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I was relieved to read on the “Your Child at Birth” sheet, “For the first 6 weeks, your baby will not know day from night. So her sleep will not have a schedule.” So Babywise moms, back off! Let me just enjoy this cuddle time and maybe I’ll sneak in a quick nap later.

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High quality child care and early childhood education sets the stage for how well our children learn, how they think of themselves and how they interact with their world. We as parents, child care providers, educators and citizens have a responsibility to make sure all of our children have the very best experiences they can. Better Beginnings, Arkansas’s Quality Rating Improvement System, has been developed to do just that. – See more at:

6 Replies to “Sleep when baby sleeps… and other fairy tales”

  1. I tried to follow that advice when I could, but it’s just not possible all of the time! I’m glad you’re taking a balanced approach and aren’t being too hard on yourself. My babies had their days and nights mixed up at first too!

  2. Babywise worked perfectly with my granddaughter; not so much with grandson. Sounds like you have this well under control:) Enjoy.

  3. “Sleep when the baby sleeps” really goes out the window anyway once siblings arrive. It’s not like they’re going to sleep when the baby sleeps. Do what works for your family and cuddle all you want. 🙂

  4. Firstly, I have to say that Better Beginnings is amazing! So yes, I would definitely listen to them over a complete stranger in a supermarket. I, too, was told to “sleep when baby sleeps” when I had my son ( who is now three). Since he was my only child, I took this advice. I let the house go. Luckily, I had a really supportive family that didn’t mind coming over to rock a sleepy baby or do the dishes for me so I could sleep. I truly learned the meaning of “it takes a village”.

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