Maya’s Cooking Show: Sweet Potato Pie

My daughter Maya wants to be a chef when she grows up. She says that she wants to cook healthy food for “all the city.” To encourage this aspiration, I’m helping her learn to cook and trying to capture it along the way. In her first episode, she made roasted Brussels sprouts. In this segment of Maya’s Cooking Show, she makes a sweet potato pie.

Stay tuned for more gripping episodes of Maya’s Cooking Show!

Here’s her first episode in case you missed it.

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2 Replies to “Maya’s Cooking Show: Sweet Potato Pie”

  1. Yum, I don’t really like brussel sprouts but I think if I make it “Maya-Style” I will love them.

    Yum, yum. Did you put milk, butter and eggs in the sweet potato pie?

    I made me a sugar free one with pecans in it. Yum-Yum

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