Genetic testing with 23andMe

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I’ve been told that I’m part Irish, Scottish and Native American. But I am really? I’ve wanted to research my genetics for a while now. Also I have two adopted daughters. I know their birth mom, but she was also adopted, so we don’t have any of her extended health history and nothing from the birth fathers. So at-home DNA testing to the rescue!

I chose 23andMe — the first and only genetic service available directly to consumers that includes reports that meet FDA standards. They can help people understand what their DNA says about their health, traits and ancestry through detailed reports, tools and more. And more than one million people have spit with 23andMe using our in-home saliva kit. I should have our kits in next week, and then it’s 6-8 weeks to get results back.

I’m not doing my youngest daughter yet since I doubt I can get her to spit into the tube, so I’m starting with just me and my six year old. Stay tuned for a full review of how the process went with 23andMe and what I think of the reports.

There’s an incredible story in your DNA – the history of you and your family. Discover your DNA today at