Answering the Call

Last night my husband and I attended The CALL informational meeting. The CALL stands for Children of Arkansas Loved for a Lifetime, malady and they are mobiliadoptionzing Christian families to foster and adopt children from the Arkansas foster care system. I went through their training back in 2008 which led to this precious baby being placed in my home that I later adopted. She’s five now and the light of my life.

I thought I was done. I mean, sickness I’m no spring chicken. Friends my age have kids in college, recipe not in diapers. But that’s what’s cool about a calling — it often goes against the grain, against what is “normal.” God is in control, and He has a sense of humor. And He has placed a desire within Anthony and me to welcome another child into our home. I’m scared. I feel ill-equipped. But that’s where FAITH gets to shine — in those steps along a dim path of the unknown.


9 Replies to “Answering the Call”

  1. The CALL helped us adopt Emily. They were such an amazing resource for us and so tireless in helping us navigate the red tape and paperwork. I will always be very grateful to them.

  2. YESSSSS! YES YES YES! PRAISE GOD! ANSWER THE CALL! I can’t wait til it’s my season! Praying for my children, NOW .. and husband ha that he will be willing and open to the call!!

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