5 STEM and Maker Apps and Games

School’s out! And that means it’s time to plan for what summer activities should be on schedule. What should you do to keep your kids from the summer slide and regressing academically on their summer break? STEM and maker apps and games.

Traditionally, epidemic as the designated family vacation time, sildenafil summer travel was a great way to teach kids about geography, culture and history. But what about getting your kids to invest a little bit in learning STEM, the hard sciences and math skills that are so important to quality academics and careers?

Not to worry, summer can be a great time to get you kids – especially young ones – to learn science, math and computer skills – especially while road tripping. And with new, highly successful gamification learning and apps, most kids don’t even know they are learning computer coding or physics.

STEM-based, maker movement compatible games and activities

Finding and using a few of these STEM-based, maker movement compatible games and activities can absolutely stall the summer learning slide and may even give your kids a leg up next year or even further down the road.

While you may want to spend a few minutes searching computer and STEM learning activities for the summer, here are a few ideas and options to get you started. Many of these are free – or less than $6.

1. Lego Education – get kits for hands-on building mechanized buildme-slider-9b6ec45b65253f312e6368bf3fd677b3robots and other tech and engineering marvels using Legos. And much, much more.


2. Simple Physics – an app that allows kids to build things such as skyscrapers and bridges using real physics and engineering and calculating cost considerations.


3. Blokus – an easy, kid-focused app based strategy game that rewards strategic decision making and spatial awareness.


4. Tynker – introduce kids to the basics of computer coding with the leading app and learning platform for coding for kids.


compass unit5. Orienteering – an outside, map-based logic sport and game that’s more than a century old – teaching map skills and navigation.


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  1. My ten year old stepdaughter is a bit resistant to why we are having her keep up a structured routine (that includes reading and physical activity) during the summer and this looks like the perfect implementation to help encourage her. She says summer is for fun. I say you should still get “stuff done” – these look like they’d be a win for the BOTH of us!

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